Town & Country Veterinary Hospital participates in the American Kennel Club's (AKC) Companion Animal Recovery Service (CAR). When you choose to enroll in the AKC's CAR Service, you pet is implanted with a microchip which has a unique numerical identifier. When stray pets are found we, Animal Control, and fellow veterinarians scan for these microchips. The number on the microchip is connected to the pet's owner's contact information, which can then help us to find their owners and let them know that their dog or cat is safe.

Additionally, good Samaritans bring in lost animals to our hospital, hoping that their owners will be found. We also keep information on file for animals that have been reported to us as "Lost" or "Found." If you have lost your pet or found someone else's, please call us with the information so we can help these animals find their way home.

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