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Gaby & Puppy Sometimes our furry and feathered family members need a home away from home. At Town & Country Veterinary Hospital, our clean, modern boarding facilities and our caring staff make your pet's stay safe and secure. We offer spacious runs for larger dogs, cozy kennels for smaller ones, and a covered exercise yard for your canines to play in. For cats, we have both single and multi-room condos, and a large "tree" and recreation area for them to enjoy. Because our boarding facilities are co-located with our hospital, our boarders have an opportunity to take advantage of routine wellness procedures, grooming services, elective surgeries, and dentistry services. We even offer a complimentary bath for our canine boarders, with stays of three or more days.

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In order to provide a healthy place for pets to stay, we require all of our boarders to be current on all vaccinations, (for dogs that includes Bordetella), and they must be parasite free. We request verification of vaccination records, prior to check-in.

small pawPlease note: with the recent outbreak of the Canine Influenza Virus(CIV) in San Antonio, we will be requiring the CIV vaccination series to be completed 1 week prior to boarding your dog. The intial vaccination series for CIV includes the CIV vaccine injection, followed by a booster 3 weeks later. For Thanksgiving boarding, we suggest starting your pet's CIV vaccinations no later than October 24, 2011.

Although we are a 24-hour facility, we prefer you pick your pet up between 7am and 10pm for the well-being of all our boarders. After 10pm boarding pets are "tucked in" for the night. Retrieving pets after "bedtime" disturbs the rest of our boarders, and such intrusions can cause undue anxiety in some pets. If you need to pick your pet up after 10pm, please let us know so we can make arrangements in advance.

Boarding services available only at our Bandera Rd. Hospital.

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Boarding Admission Form

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New Client Registration Form

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